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ProductsAccelerate your time to market with quality DRAM components — rigorouslytested for a wide range of applications. From the extreme temperature andperformance needs of industrial and automotive applications to the exactingspecs of enterprise systems, we have the right memory solution for yourdesign.Select DRAM DDR5 SDRAM DDR4 SDRAM DDR3 SDRAM DDR2 SDRAM DDR SDRAM SDRAM RLDRAMMemory LPDRAMWe build the modules from start to finish — designing, manufacturing andtesting all the DRAM ourselves before assembling the modules and testingagain. So from high-performance SODIMMs to high-density LRDIMMs, you candepend on the quality and reliability of our devices. Select DRAM Modules LRDIMM Mini-DIMM NVDIMM RDIMM SODIMM SORDIMM UDIMM VLPMini-DIMM VLP RDIMM VLP UDIMMExplore the most complete portfolio of high-performance, high-bandwidthproducts available. Micron has reimagined memory to accelerate your next-gengraphics cards and game consoles, your high-performance computing, artificialintelligence systems, and professional visualization workstations. MicronUltra-Bandwidth Solutions deliver maximum bandwidth to feed your most data-hungry workloads.Select Ultra-Bandwidth Solutions GDDR6X GDDR6 GDDR5 HBM2EOur fully managed devices like — e.MMC, UFS and SSDs — handle media managementand error correction code (ECC) internally to help make technology transitionsnearly seamless.Select Managed NAND e.MMC Embedded USB Universal Flash StorageGet the critical features and functions for your design — including highperformance, high quality, power efficiency, wide density ranges, smallpackage sizes and industrial temperature ranges — from our broad portfolio ofindustry-standard MCPs. Select Multichip Packages e.MMC-Based MCP NAND-Based MCPMicron does more than design and manufacture NAND Flash memory. We strive tosolve design challenges through better engineering—by raising the bar on NANDproducts that cover everything from mobile to embedded, to data center storageapplications.Select NAND Flash 3D NAND TLC NAND MLC NAND SLC NANDWhether you’re designing for wireless, embedded, or automotive applications,our extensive portfolio of serial and parallel NOR Flash solutions deliversthe right mixture of performance, cost, and design continuity, backed by yearsof Micron Flash memory expertise.Select NOR Flash Parallel NOR Flash Serial NOR Flash Xccela Flash Twin-QuadNOR Flash Legacy NOR Flash

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