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FinTech Industry Singapore## DescriptionFinancial Technology or “FinTech” is basically a merger between financialservices and technology. It is the latest trend in finance. There are variousfactors that are contributing to the growth of the FinTech industry servicesbut some of the main key growth drivers, such as the increased use of socialmedia, mobile and cloud technology in the retail financial services.Technology software, hardware and mobile applications used within the Bankingindustry were outsourced to the IT companies.With the rising trend of startups and technology incubators in the FinTechsector is going to create the next big thing in this technology world. Now,traditional financial institutions are also focussing on their digitalresources and looking for delivering quality, performance and services totheir clients through their own channels.FinTech is one of the fastest growing industries in Singapore. The city-stateis providing an exceptional platform for FinTech solutions in the country witha high concentration to the financial institutions, such as banking,insurance, and asset management sectors. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) percapita of the country is US$55,600 and world-class infrastructure andexcellent internet accessibility. The country has ultra-high-speed fibreinfrastructure and its mobile subscription penetration has exceeded 100 percent – these are some major factors behind the growth of the FinTech sector.Content in the Fintech Industry in Singapore Report: 1. Introduction 2. Entities Involved In The FinTech Industry 3. Singapore’s Financial Sector 4. Singapore Financial Hub of Asia 5. FinTech Revolution in Singapore 6. Most Promising FinTech Areas To Watch In Near Future 7. FinTech Trend 8. Infrastructure Of FinTech Industry 9. Top FinTech Startups 10. Collaboration Is New Innovation 11. Major Challenges For FinTech Startups 12. SWOT Analysis 13. PESTLE Analysis 14. Opportunities For FinTech StartupsFor customised market research reports for any kind of startups and businessin any industry, you can contact Craft Driven Market Research team heredirectly.

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