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Media & Entertainment Recruiters## Media & Entertainment Industry OverviewThe media and entertainment industries have seen a great deal of change in thelast decade. Technology has completely transformed how we consume information,leading to the creation of entirely new sectors and platforms. The internet ofthings (IoT), mobile capability and social networking are changing how, whereand when we consume information. Media and entertainment companies mustdevelop and execute strategies to keep up with the rapidly-evolvingmarketplace.Our highly specialized team headed by Catherine Hopkins fully understands thenuances of this fast-changing discipline and the issues our clients face inattracting and retaining the right leaders. We are able to attract, influenceand maintain candidates that can deliver critical value and open the doors tonew opportunities for our customers.We support entertainment companies as well as traditional/digital mediaorganizations across several key disciplines: marketing, digital/social,research/insights, corporate communications, corporate strategy and businessdevelopment.We are also frequently called in to work with companies that are emerging orundergoing a transition or at some key inflection point.Ours is a process and formula that has been honed over 31 years of business,and has consistently produced high quality results for our clients. Ourplacements have had a solid track record of longevity and accomplishmentwithin their organizations, with years of tenure and promotion after they arehired.Above all else, our team has a shared philosophy of serving our clients wellbeyond their expectations. This focus on exceeding expectations, on deliveryexcellence and passionate attention to detail has resulted in the developmentand maintenance of close, trusted relationships on a global level.

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