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Top 10 Employee Benefits Schemes and Discounts 2021### Want to feature your company? Get in touchAn employee benefits scheme is a great way to attract talent and to keep staffmotivated. Company review site Glassdoor reports that nearly 80% of employeeswould choose a good benefits package over a pay rise, with 60% consideringbenefits a major factor in whether they would accept a job offer.The hottest places to work tout chef-made lunches, massages, yoga classes andholiday reimbursement, but there’s no need to break the bank: a companybenefits scheme can start from as little as £1 per employee per week. Todaywe’ve rounded up ten of the most innovative employee benefits and employeediscount schemes your staff will actually want. Read on to find out more aboutthe range of different employee benefits uk providers have to offer!## Hooray Health & ProtectionHooray Health & Protection are a team of health and protection experts, whothrough technology and outstanding customer service, always do right by theirclients.Hooray Health & Protection are an SME employee benefits specialist insuranceintermediary focusing on the health and protection insurance space, providingaffordable, fee free financial advice, online or by telephone, to avoid anyunnecessary delays; protecting what’s important to you.They have designed their services to provide help for SMEs (specialising instart-up’s) and pride themselves in their unique ability to source quotes forclients with hazardous occupations, existing health conditions or high riskbusinesses.## EquipsmeEquipsme offer affordable health insurance solutions for any business withmore than 2 people.Starting from £7 per person, per month, customers get access to physiosessions, 24/7 GP access, online health checks and more.Health insurance has been proven to be one of the most successful employeebenefits scheme to date. By giving staff faster access to private health care,they can improve physical and mental wellness which results in happier staffand increased productivity. Equipsme is also one of the better priced schemesavailable.Partnered with AXA PPP healthcare, there is no excess required (for basiclevel) and no medicals. Companies can upgrade to levels 1,2 and 3 to includeextra or unlimited physio sessions, diagnostic tests, dental and optical andstress therapy. A major benefit is that you can add up to 5 children to thepolicy for half price. All of this makes Equipsme a superb employee benefitsuk provider, helping to take care of their staffs’ physical and mental health.Equipsme Private Health InsurancefromRaising PartnersonVimeo.#### neznez perks is an employee benefits platform that lets companies treat theiremployees to lunch at hundreds of local quality restaurants, bars and cafes.The company chooses how much food & drink credit they’d like to give to eachemployee and how often (i.e. £5 per week) and this is then redeemable via aco-branded version of the nez app.The employer only pays for credit that actually gets used which, along withgenerous financial and tax benefits, makes it one of the most cost-effectiveperks out there.The app currently boasts 78% employee uptake with companies that are using nezperks, with a 92% employee satisfaction score – all of which is trackable viaa portal tool for HR teams to use. Big brands including HOP, K10 and Benugoare already on the app, as well as hundreds of premium independent food anddrink spots.Email [email protected] to request a free trial of nez perks for your company.## yulifeyulife incentivises your team to make healthy choices by awarding coins tospend on rewards, all done via its innovative, gamified employee benefitsplatform. Walking, meditation, mindfulness and good sleeping patterns all earnyucoin, which go toward gym memberships, gig tickets, gift cards and airmiles. There’s also a built-in leaderboard for team members.Prices offered by this fantastic employee benefits uk provider start from£4.99 per member, per month.## PerkboxPerkbox combines perks, recognition, wellness, feedback and communication foran all-inclusive employee benefits platform.Employers can shout out staff who have gone the extra mile, set up awards forcompany values and purchase rewards that employees will actually want. Dailyperks include affordable fitness, entertainment and shopping, along with a fewfreebies for good measure.Perkbox’s platform also includes engagement surveys and fast-tracked NHSappointments – two features that tie in nicely with your company’s existing HRsystem.Pricing varies; visit Perkbox for a quote.## CaboodleCaboodle’s Salary Extras platform offers a wide range of employee benefits ukworkers will love, all of which can be customised to your company’s needs.Standard packages include financial wellbeing, health, transport and shoppingdiscounts; existing benefits schemes tie into the platform. For extramotivation, there’s functionality to send employee awards, rewards and peer-to-peer recognition.The Flex Benefits scheme offers even more freedom by letting employees decidehow to spend their allowance.Pricing is bespoke; visit Caboodle’s site for a quote.### Want to feature your company? Get in touch.## MedicashMedicash offers health cash plans that give employees an allowance forhealthcare not covered by the NHS. Most plans via this employee benefitsscheme cover employees’ children, and bespoke and flexible plans are alsoavailable.Medicash Plus includes dental, optical, private GPs, prescriptions,complementary therapies and specialist consultations, with three levels ofpayment.Pricing starts from 95p per person, per week for Medicash Plus or £1 perperson, per week for Medicash Proactive.## EdAid PaydownHere’s something a little different – putting a twist on the typical employeebenefits platform is EdAid, using employer contributions to pay off employees’student loan debt. The Financial Times predicts that two-thirds of recentBritish graduates will never pay off their entire student loan, so why notlend a hand?When companies join the Paydown scheme, staff who are currently makingrepayments to the Student Loans Company through payroll deduction can sign upto have their repayments – or a portion of them – paid by their employerinstead.Employees with non-UK student debt can enrol, too, no matter their nationalityor school.Contributions start from £50 per month; as an employer, you’ll also pay a 5%processing fee.## Each PersonEach Person is a Community Interest Company that helps employers to recognisethe work of their staff.The Each Person employee benefits platform lets you send recognition tocolleagues through ecards; you can choose to attach epoints as a reward.Employees can spend points on products, vouchers and experiences fromthousands of brands and earn more through shopping and playing games.100% of the money you invest into Each Person goes back to rewarding youremployees; there are no service or setup fees and the system is free to run.## BonuslyBonusly is a staff recognition platform where points add up to rewards.Everyone in the company, no matter their rank, can recognise an employee fortheir achievements.Recognition can be tied to hashtags for specific company values, and it’ssimple to personalise messages with images, GIFs, links and emoji. Everymember has a monthly points allowance to give out, and points received can bespent on gift cards for popular brands including Amazon, Steam, PayPal, WholeFoods and Starbucks. While it’s an American company, the system works globally– so it’s a great fit if you have staff in several countries.It’s also possible to tie in referral bonuses, sales incentives and wellnessawards if you spring for the Bonusly Pro package which will run you £3.04 peruser, per month.Pricing starts from £2.04 per person, per month for the Core plan.## NeyberNeyber is a financial wellbeing benefit that costs companies nothing andoffers employee benefits uk workers value, including financial advice,affordable loans, savings and investments.Loans are salary-deducted, so Neyber is able to offer lower interest ratesthan other lenders. The company is regulated by the Financial ConductAuthority, so there’s no financial risk for employers.Neyber is free and designed to slot seamlessly into your payroll system.## Reward GatewayReward Gateway helps to improve employee engagement and retention throughrecognition, perks and rewards. The platform includes internal messaging andeCards congratulating colleagues on a job well done. Salary sacrifice anddiscounts are both present, and there’s an emphasis on employee wellbeing.Pricing from £6 per employee, per month.## ArtsCardArtsCard is a newcomer to the employee benefits scene and the first of itskind to focus on culture and the arts. Membership gives your employeesdiscounts and value-added experiences in events, screenings, workshops andcourses. Partners so far include BFI Film, Tate, National Theatre and theScience Museum; while venues are fairly London-centric, there are a fewfurther afield.ArtsCard is currently under review, with more information available onrequest.## What Type of Employee Benefits Scheme Should I Choose?An employee benefits scheme is a great investment to consider, not onlyrewarding your staff for their loyalty and hard work, but furthermore helpingto increase staff retention and potentially attract new talent.Employee benefits schemes can offer a diverse mix of different perks. Inaddition to the variety in benefits available, the structure of such schemescan also vary – from core packages to voluntary benefits, salary sacrifice andmore, there’s a whole host of different ways for your business to opt for suchschemes.Before choosing a scheme, it’s important to consider what types of perks yourworkforce would benefit from, and therefore appreciate, the most. This can bedone both by looking at the common features your workforce comprises of – age,whether they’re parents of young children, shared interests related to the jobetc. – however, asking employees directly can be an easier way to establishthe wants and needs of your workforce, and tailor your employee benefitsscheme to this.## How Do Employee Discount Schemes Attract New Talent?Businesses everywhere are in fierce competition to attract the best talent,many offering stunning offices in great locations, high salaries, and schemesto help improve employee wellbeing.Whilst much of these schemes focus on improving the health and wellbeing ofstaff members through gym memberships, healthy foods in the cafeteria, andsupportive mental health aids, others also offer treats and discounts to liftemployees’ spirits.Many businesses therefore invest in employee discount schemes, boosting thecompany’s image and making it look more attractive to talentedprofessionals/potential new employees.Employee discount schemes not only attract new talent into the business, theycan also help to retain existing staff members, making them feel valued byoffering discounts and rewards for working at the company.## How Do Employers Benefit From Employee Discount Schemes?Employers benefit from employee discount schemes in many different ways. Aspreviously mentioned, they can help to attract new talent whilst retainingexisting ones, all of which can help to improve the way the business is run.By offering rewards and benefits, companies can strengthen their relationshipwith employees, not only leading to increased loyalty and staff retention, butfurther strengthening the employer/employee relationship. This can lead toincreased productivity, and employees taking more pride in their work.Additionally, offering employee discount schemes can also help to boost thereputation of a company, showing that it cares for its employees and rewardsthem for working hard. Promoting the business’s reputation can also help toattract clients, further increasing the overall productivity of the company.## What Are the Best Employee Discount Schemes for My Business?The best employee discount schemes will depend on the type of business you runas well as your employees’ preferences. As listed above, there’s a whole hostof different benefits and employee discount schemes out there, meaning there’sloads of options to explore before settling on one that’s right for you.For example, if the majority of your employees are graduates, they may benefitfrom the EdAid Paydown scheme mentioned previously, helping staff members tofurther along their repayments to the Student Loans Company.One key thing to consider when deciding on employee discount schemes is thecost of this, and whether it will fit into the business’s budget. Employeebenefits and discounts can be a great investment for companies, however theyare only ever beneficial when the businesses can comfortably afford them.Before deciding on your business’s employee discount schemes, it’s best tofirst go through the finances of it, and set a cost limit which will help tofilter your search.## What Are the Best UK Employee Discounts?It’s difficult to not be subjective when exploring the best UK employeediscounts. People are different, and hold varying, often unique, likes andtastes.People’s preferences for employee discounts are no exception to this, someenjoying discounts to artistic events, whilst others appreciate discounts onfood or clothing more.Whilst above details our list of the top 10 UK employee discounts and benefitsschemes, there are a variety of other discount-based perks offered bybusinesses up and down the UK. For example, employees to some of the mostwell-known companies in the country claim to have been offered the following: * Lush – 50% UK employee discounts. * Greggs – 50% UK employee discounts. * Harrods up to 33% UK employee discounts.With employee wellbeing becoming increasingly recognised as an important andbeneficial factor in business – promoting both employee retention as well asproductivity – employee discounts are becoming a must-have to providealongside job offers.

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