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Diversity And Inclusion An Ongoing Challenge For Tech Industry##### Intel have made impressive headway since announcing their $300 millioncommitment to address diversity and inclusion within the tech industry in 2015– it would be great to see even more companies follow suit!Diversity within the tech industry continues to be an issue high on the agendafor leading companies around the world. Diversity, inclusion and retention ofwomen and minority groups is now seen as one of the biggest challenges facingthe tech industry today.In an interview for The Australian, Ben Pfisterer, Country Manager for techcompany Square, stated, “If we allow ourselves to become too homogenous, welose the outsider perspective — the voice who speaks up against a bad idea, orthe hidden talent who comes up with the next game-changing product. The factis, when our businesses are made up of people who look the same, we tend tothink the same as well. That means diverse ideas, perspectives andconsiderations are left by the wayside.”A recent survey targeting UK based tech companies found a worrying trend inattitudes, with 46% of companies doubting that diversity was necessary toimprove the growth of their business. Maggie Philbin, CEO of Teen Techcommented, “We need to face up to the fact that we have a serious issue withdiversity in the technology industry.”In Asia the issue is being taken seriously at the highest level in an effortto change long established norms that are seen as holding back innovations andgrowth in the technology sector. New models of structuring and HR managementare seen as key to making the changes needed. Lim Chin Han, MD of Tower WatsonMalaysia states, “An inclusive culture occurs when differences are valued,people are treated fairly and feel accepted and respected, and opportunitiesare open to all.”The leading global tech corporations are also prioritising the issue and inthe U.S, Silicon Valley has seen encouraging developments emerging from techcompanies including Intel, Google and Netflix who are all striving toimplement necessary changes. Intel took a huge step in early 2015, announcinga $300 million incentive to tackle diversity and inclusion within thetechnology and gaming spaces – as well as the online harassment that manywomen and minority groups experience.Diversity and inclusion issues are widespread throughout all areas of thetechnology sector with social media and internet communities also facingchallenges – many have turned to non-profit organisations such as Cybersmileto help address the growing problem of online misogyny and hate campaignsaimed at females and minority groups.### “We have seen a huge increase in our corporate engagement with techcompanies and game developers in recent years. Our partnerships with companiessuch as Intel, Twitter and Riot Games play an important part in developingholistic solution based strategies as well as helping large corporateorganizations to see these problems from an end user perspective.”Dan Raisbeck, Co Founder, The Cybersmile FoundationMost recently, Cybersmile have announced Fifth Harmony star, Normani Kordei astheir Official Diversity Ambassador after she experienced horrific racialhatred on social media. If you are concerned about any diversity relatedissues on or offline we have trained advisors offering support 24/7 whereveryou are in the world! Email – [email protected] and a trained advisor will bein touch. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, pleaseexplore the following suggestions.What are your thoughts regarding diversity within the technology sector? Tweetus @CybersmileHQ.

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