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Creating Change: Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry(bright music) – [Narrator] The technology industry has led our world intothe 21st Century with incredible innovations and breakthroughs. But it hasn’tbeen able to make nearly as much progress towards increasing diversity andinclusion. As an industry, we aim to create opportunities for everyone, nomatter their ethnicity, creed, ability, color, religion, socio-economicstatus, origin, gender, or sexual orientation.But looking forward, we still have a long way to go. It’s as much a humanissue as it is a business issue. With diversity of thought and experiencebeing crucial to creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. No matter if you’re anengineer, a manager, a student, a philanthropist, or a leader, you have asignificant role to play in creating change. (gentle music) – [Tracy] My nameis Tracy Chou and I am a software engineer.I also work towards diversity and inclusion in the tech sector. As part ofthat, I co-founded a non-profit called Project Include, which works towardssolutions for diversity and inclusion in tech. – [Aubrey] I’m Aubrey Blanche,Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Atlassian, a collaboration softwarecompany helping unleash the potential in every team. My background comes fromformal social science. After dropping out of a PhD in Political Science, Iended up in the tech industry where I realized that what they believed andwhat was true were pretty different.That the industry wasn’t very meritocratic and didn’t provide equalopportunity for everyone. I’ve spent my career trying to change that. -[Craig] I’m Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist, also the founder of CraigNewmark Philanthropies, and I’m a nerd. I embarked on Craig NewmarkPhilanthropies to support other people doing good work in areas which supportgreater fairness and which also defend the country. For example, women intechnology, because I feel that people in the computer industry, internetindustry, should be more fair.- [Kimberly] My name is Kimberly Bryant, I’m the founder and CEO of BlackGirls Code. We’re a non-profit organization headquartered in Oakland,California and we teach girls from underrepresented communities about thecomputer science industry and technology.

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