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US Mercer SIRS Benchmark SurveyAs an industry focused on building the future of work, long before most,attracting the best and brightest employees in the areas of science,technology, engineering and math is nothing new. Competition for talent ismore intense than ever, though, as organizations across all industries look toinnovate. Having a competitive compensation strategy built for the future isparamount to success.Effectively manage your talent strategy with the High Technology – STEMportion of the US Mercer SIRS ® Benchmark Survey. Benchmark your data across23 industry-specific and cross-industry job families. Analyze critical aspectsof your compensation strategy — from base pay, salary range, and grade, to jobtitles and total cash compensation — with data collected for 2,050 STEMpositions from across the country. The compensation data included ranges fromentry-level to lower executive level positions within the high tech – STEMfields of: * Aerospace and Defense * Electronics * Energy * Manufacturing * Research and Development * Systems * Technical Services Current, reliable data In light of the economic and workforce changes brought on by the COVID-19pandemic, Mercer conducted a “data refresh” in August to address any marketmovement that occurred after the initial survey participation period. You willreceive the results of the refresh free with your purchase.This added step to ensure you have access to the most current, reliable datameans you can move forward confidently with your pay decisions knowing thatyour data accurately reflect the market.##### Are you ready to influence your industry with a competitivecompensation strategy?

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