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KPI Dashboards (Part 2)## EXPERT ADVICEIn his article for Harvard Business Review (HBR), Gene Cornfield, a GlobalLead for the High-Tech Industry at Accenture Interactive, discusses importantKPIs that you should but probably aren’t tracking yet.First, Cornfield poses a question: “Most leaders say they’re customer-centric,but if everything they measure is company-centric, how could that be true?” Hethen goes on to explain that Customer Performance Indicators (CPIs) is “thenew black” in the world of KPIs. In a nutshell, CPIs are the metrics thatcustomers value, rather than the ones that the company values the most. Forexample, how fast someone can get a pricing quote, a “first-time resolution”on a customer service call or having a grocery delivery with “nothing broken.”To master this metric, Cornfield writes, first, separate CPIs from KPIs. Thus,many assume that Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a CPI. But actually, onlybusinesses really care about their NPS; customers typically don’t, heexplains. Next, define your CPIs. Look for ways to uncover “customerfrustrations, expectations and target outcomes at specific points of theircustomer journeys, and then ask the series of open-ended questions to gaininsights that surveys wouldn’t know to ask, and that customers might not beinclined to answer in a survey,” Cornfield writes. Finally, drive businessperformance by connecting CPIs to KPIs. Once CPIs are determined, measure themand see how they impact one or more of your KPIs. When the relationshipsbetween specific CPIs and KPIs are confirmed, start holding teams accountableto CPIs they can impact, Cornfield writes.

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