click management network service provides demand planning

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High Tech Supply Chain SolutionsAPPOINTMENT SCHEDULINGThe Scheduling Network Service provides a set of business process and userinterfaces for scheduling access to shared resources. For example, schedulingdock door deliveries to distribution centers and other warehousing locations.CLICK HERETRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENTThe Transportation Management (TMS) Network Service covers all aspects ofTransportation execution, including carrier tendering, shipment tracking,carrier contract management, transportation optimization algorithms and more.CLICK HEREASSET MANAGEMENTONE’s Asset Management Network Service provides functionality for managing thelifecycle of serialized assets, including tracking and maintenance.CLICK HERECHAIN OF CUSTODYBlockchain-enabled chain of custody for the real world applications like lotsplitting and merging, partial chains of custody.CLICK HERECOMMUNITY MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT (CMDM)Community Master Data Management Network Service enables multi-party networksto connect to ONE’s Community Master Data service for sharing and replicatingmaster data in a federated network.CLICK HERECC MONITORING – CONTROL TOWEROne Network’s Control Tower is a network-based Command & Control Monitoringstation, that gives you insight and control over your network.CLICK HEREDEMAND PLANNINGDemand Planning app provides traditional demand forecasting algorithms, alongwith additional innovations such as Continuous Forecasting.CLICK HEREFINANCIALSThe Financials Network Service provides an implementation of financialbusiness processes including invoicing, invoice holds, and the management offinancial accounts.CLICK HERESUPPLY-DEMAND MATCH (SDM)The Supply Demand Match (SDM) Network Service provides a rich UI environmentfor visualizing and reconciling supply and demand in an international setting.Orders can be prioritized and allocated among multiple ocean containers tooptimize the supply chain.CLICK HEREINVENTORY PLANNINGThe Inventory Planning Network Service provides sense-and-respond agents tohelp you automatically calculate ideal inventory policies, such as safetystock, across your inventory.CLICK HEREMANUFACTURINGONE’s Manufacturing Network Service provides features such as factory-floormanagement, production order management, bill of materials management, demandtranslation and more.CLICK HEREORDER MANAGEMENT (OMS)ONE’s Order Management Network Service provides a full end-to-end solution forthe management of multiple order types, including Purchase Orders, SalesOrders, Deployment Orders and more. It also supports Contract Management andnumerous vendor analytics.CLICK HEREREPLENISHMENTThe Replenishment app provides a rich set of sense-and-respond agents whichhelp to automatically re-order product based on both long-term projecteddemand and near-term execution realities.CLICK HERESALES AND OPERATIONS PLANNING (S&OP)The Sales and Operation Planning Network Service allows ONE to conduct SNOPplanning, marrying it with actual execution data from other ONE NetworkService and legacy sources.CLICK HERESOCIAL APPS (ENTERPRISE SOCIAL GRAPH)Social Network Services provides unstructured collaboration tools that includeChat, with point-to-point live chat; Chat Rooms for group discussions andBlipper, a twitter-like micro-blogging platform. Blipper enables you to followpeople, companies and products on the network, and broadcast to yourfollowers.CLICK HEREWAREHOUSE MANAGEMENTThe Warehouse Management (WMS) Network Service covers all aspects of Warehouseoperation, including the modeling of warehouse locations, tracking ofinventory (including lot & serial assets), cycle counting, license plating andmore.CLICK HEREYARD MANAGEMENTThe Yard Management app allows one to manage trailers in a yard, providingvisibility into current yard slots and operations like check-in/check-out.CLICK HERE

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