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techsuch May 9, 2021 0 Comments

CleanTX# CleanTX is an economic development and professional association forcleantech.The mission of CleanTX is to accelerate growth of cleantech and renewableenergy in Texas through information exchange, thought leadership, andstrategic partnerships. Founded in 2006, CleanTX is the nonprofit economicdevelopment and professional association for cleantech in Central Texas, a$2.5 Billion industry that employs 20,000 individuals.The CleanTX community encompasses nearly 100 companies and an active ecosystemof entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and regional partners.CleanTX supports cleantech innovation and adoption by: (1) Providing avenuesfor networking, education, and information exchange among industry andcommunity stakeholders; (2) Facilitating strategic partnerships to launchforward-looking economic development initiatives; and (3) Promoting the growthof the cleantech industry in Texas through increased visibility, thoughtleadership, access to talent, and connections to local, state and nationalleaders. Join the CleanTX community.

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