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Business and Industry Solutions##Whenever Businesses Find Their Edge, Zebra Is There.# Business and Industry Solutions## Be More Efficient, Effective and Empowered.As the world gets more and more connected, consumers expect faster service andmore customization. To satisfy your customers and gain a competitiveadvantage, enable the front line of your enterprise with business solutionsthat drive better, faster and smarter performance. Zebra hardware, software,supplies and services empower you to: * Connect your people, assets and data * Gain new operational visibility * Make better business decisions in real time * Speed up work * Improve accuracy * Transform the customer experience Our customized ecosystem of enterprise solutions allows your organization toreach new levels of performance from the front lines. * ### Unprecedented Visibility As global integrated value chains become increasingly complex and volatile,businesses need greater visibility into their assets. We can help you identifywhere your assets are, and also what state they are in. * ### Optimized Operations Globalization means more opportunities to grow your business, but it alsomeans operational complexity is on the rise. With greater visibility, controland automation, we can simplify and optimize your operations so you can focuson innovation. * ### Empowered Workers Your employees are on the front lines of your business. Give them the toolsthey need to communicate and collaborate, and you will empower them toincrease productivity.## Zebra’s Business and Industry SolutionsZebra offers the broadest range of Industry Solutions designed to meet thespecific requirements of your operation.Inspired by human-factor engineering with front-line users, workplaces andworkflows see how we meet your business need.Learn how Zebra delivers a performance edge to those on the front line ofbusiness.

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