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techsuch May 9, 2021 0 Comments

No immediate impact from virus, says NasscomNasscom, the representative entity for the technology services industry,clarified there was “no immediate business impact” from the spread of COVID-19across the world.“Based on discussions with our members, we do not see any immediate businessimpact; however, we are following developments around this issue closely. Theindustry has a large footprint of on-shore / offshore centres and clientrequirements can be met through such centres, if required. The industry hasalso put in place business continuity plans and has internal taskforces tomonitor the situation continuously,” said Nasscom. It added that it was fullycommitted to deploying necessary precautions to deal with the situationarising from the spread of the virus..In accordance with Nasscom recommendations, the Department of Telecom andMinistry of Telecommuncation have decided to grant a slew of relaxationsaround work-from-home (WFH) options up to March 30, 2020.”The industry is also putting in place contingency measures and leveragingtechnology to ensure business continuity for customers and employees,” saidNasscom.

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