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The Potential For A Betting Tech IndustryBetting has always been sort of a fringe activity, very popular but somewhatin the shadows. Online betting and casino games are no different, really, inthat they’re extraordinarily well-liked by untold millions around the world,but don’t really get the attention of, say, a major tech or gaming industry.The idea we’re exploring here is that this could in fact change. Some recentand ongoing developments are bringing more credibility to the betting world,which could, in turn, make it more mainstream. And this, combined with a fairamount of innovation that takes place in this world, could actually lead toits becoming a more recognized segment of the tech industry.Here are a few of the developments and ideas that could bring about thischange over time.Blockchain TechNo longer just for cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is on its way tochanging how we use the internet. It used to be that only bitcoin and otherdigital currencies used blockchain technology (which basically means anunchangeable record of data stored on clusters of computers), with bitcoinhaving in fact been tied to the tech’s invention. Yet other internet-basedservices and activities have begun to see the value of a democratic,decentralized type of security like blockchain as well. We’re seeing asteadily growing list of blockchain applications these days, and one that’sjust starting to get some buzz is usage in the betting business. Blockchaintech tied to betting sites can keep transactions safe and make them moreimmediate – both of which will be significant as betting becomes moremainstream and relevant. In short, we could see betting and gaming sites beingamong the true leaders in blockchain advancement.Top SecurityWith betting spreading in the U.S., a number of changes are being made, andone significant one is that major leagues and organizations are gettingdirectly involved. For instance, the NBA and its commissioner Adam Silver wereinstrumental in supporting progressive betting legislation. Betting odds forthe NFL are already being offered by established firms, but there are somehints that the league itself could engineer betting services as well. And theidea here is that with massive leagues very careful about their ownreputations getting involved, heightened security and privacy practices willbee necessary. Out of pure necessity, the leagues may fund sweeping andsignificant upgrades in security, setting new standards for betting, if notdigital payments more broadly.Artificial Intelligence’s Increasing AccuracyWith AI becoming more intelligent and better able to adapt every day, we couldsee a fairly significant amount of adoption in betting and gaming businesses.This will mean some fairly fun, on-the-surface changes in gaming. Forinstance, we’ve already seen that AI can beat humans in poker, and thisparticular game has already proven to be an interesting area forexperimentation with the technology. But what about on the betting front?Simply put, AI is poised to significantly improve how betting platforms canconduct analysis, and thus make the odds they offer more accurate (and tougherto take advantage of). Given that this is to the benefit of the companies,it’s reasonable to expect the vast online betting industry to become somethingof innovation and proving grounds for AI.Mobile FriendlyOver time, betting sites will continue to evolve in the mobile front as well.They are already becoming more mobile-friendly, but in the years ahead, theneed to be even more tech-savvy will also keep growing. Customers and userswon’t settle for an app that’s anything but easy to navigate, and beyond that,they’ll likely gravitate toward the most tech-forward options. This will leadbetting sites that don’t just want to blend in to up the ante (so to speak)and embrace the newest and most impressive mobile tech. The clearest exampleson the horizon are AR and VR tech, which are poised to revolutionize mobileengagement. Don’t be surprised if here, too, betting businesses become some ofthe leaders in pushing and trying out new concepts.

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