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Just a Random Microsoft Azure and Computing Tech infoOverview The Microsoft Azure VMs automatically shutdown VMs in Azure is amandatory task to save time and money, for example in testing environments.Until now, we had to use Azure automation to have we are testing environmentshutdown and deallocate. As of now, there is a new feature called auto-shutdown scheduler that makes your … Continue reading Step by Step How toEnable Auto Shutdown for Virtual Machines to Save Your Money in MicrosoftAzure →Overview I gonna show you in this article, Step by Step How to Move Resourcesto a Different Resource Group via ARM, sometimes you need to move your Azureresources to either another Azure Resource Group.This is easy to do and isuseful when organizing your resources for management or billing scenarios. Inthis demonstration, … Continue reading Step by Step How to Moving Resources toa Different Resource Group in Microsoft Azure →Overview Azure file supports identity-based authentication over Server MessageBlock (SMB) through two types of Domain services, this includes Azure ActiveDirectory Domain Services (Azure AD DS) and on-premises Active DirectoryDomain Services (AD DS). Enabling the AD DS authentication for your Azure fileshare allows you to authenticate to your Azure file shares with … Continuereading Enabling On-premises Active Directory Domain Services AuthenticationOver SMB for Azure file shares →Microsoft is preparing for launch not just one edge computing service butthree, one each for industrial connectivity on a 5G private network, standingup a mini Azure region closer to your customers, and offering cloud servicesthat run inside a carrier network. Azure Edge Zones, which Microsoft startedpreviewing at the end of March, … Continue reading Microsoft Azure Edge Zones:Microsoft’s Plan to Dominate Edge Computing and 5G Network →

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