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Top 5 Automotive Technology Trends – 2021# Top 5 Automotive Technology Trends in 2019As the technology is evolving day by day, latest technology trends areaffecting almost every industry. Automotive is one of the best examples sinceit has been adopting many digital transformation trends from past few years.Each upcoming year brings many changes in the car industry with new trends oftechnology and 2018 is supposed to be even more revolutionary for theautomotive industry. AR automotive is one such a trend which has broughtincredible changes in car functionality and operations, with various mobileapps for different purposes like AR based test drive.Every Automotive & Automobile OEM manufacturer & supplier must be aware ofthese emerging trends. Here, we have listed some Automotive Technology Trendsin 2018 which will bring great changes and unique experience in automotiveindustry.### AR/VR for AutomotiveThe main advantage of Augmented Reality for the Automotive Industry is to helpmanufacturers while designing the cars and designers will visualize the bodystructure of a vehicle, to improve safety, durability, and efficiency usingAR/ VR Technology.Moreover, augmented reality can be used to develop driverless vehicles, as thekey performance metrics and information on the route can be displayed onaugmented reality screens.Volkswagen, the German automaker launched an app for its Audi customers toundertake an AR-based test drive without being present physically in thevehicle and with three-dimensional effects.When it comes to Virtual Reality for automotive, it contributes by enablingdealers to conveniently represent and show models as per the customerexpectation, like in shopping centers, at work or in customers’ living rooms.For the launch of the Lexus NX, REWIND developed the world’s first fullyinteractive True-VR car simulator and configurator for the Oculus Rift DK2headset. The user was immersed in a virtual world using the latest CGItechnology, where they could completely configure every aspect of an NX totheir own specification and later take it on a test drive.### Block ChainFrom past few years, the automotive industry has been facing some majorchallenges. The growing number of individuals who are selling counterfeitparts of the vehicles is one of these challenges.Removing counterfeit parts from the market will help to lead to more efficientpricing strategies and improve transparency.With the help of a Blockchain based system connected with IoT sensors andsmart devices the car manufacturer, the service center, and the customer cantrace the origin of spare parts back through each step in the supply chain toits original manufacture location and date.This way Block chain for the automotive industry is proving to be a powerfultool enhancing the industry functionality.### Business Intelligence & Predictive MaintenanceThe actionable data represents an opportunity for OEMS, industrial vehiclemanufacturers to enhance diagnostics, fast repair times, and easy serviceprocesses. A vehicle manufacturer can now utilize the knowledge gained frommachine learning for scheduling preventive maintenance.The Volvo Group, which is an iconic manufacturer of buses, trucks, industrialengines and construction equipment have achieved enhanced processes byintegrating new, predictive maintenance strategies.Volvo Group had plenty of data such as data from vibration, temperaturesensors, pressure, voltage and flow meters. Volvo was able to identifypatterns from the past and gain insights for the future, by integrating thisdata with the IBM SPSS Modeler which is predictive modeling software thatcombines probable decision-making outcomes and business intelligence.Today, organizations are able to predict what’s coming next, provide repairinstructions and identify replacement parts before a vehicle arrives forservice.The reliability-centered maintenance is now possible and services likePreventive and corrective are quite achievable.### IoT for Supply Chain and Improved ManufacturingSince IOT for automotive is emerging continuously, it is almost necessary tointegrate sensors on individual devices, in order to communicate the dataamong them.The combination of both IoT and blockchain provides several benefits. One ofthe best advantages is providing value in tracking and shipping of goods inthe manufacturing process or a supply chain.Having IoT devices participate in a blockchain will help to: * Build an efficient and trusted business network between parties and people that transact together. * Produce permanent record required for government and industry regulations. * Accelerate transactions to enable new business models and improved customer service. * Reduce costs of maintaining, enforcing and creating contracts by sharing information amongst several parties.### Growing Dependence on Big DataFor every industry, the Big data has been one of the primary game-changers andthe automobile industry has not escaped from it. By 2020 it would be easierfor all vehicles on the road to talk to each other, as the Department ofTransportation recently proposed new rules for it.By using the Big data for automotive, the connected car can effectivelynavigate. Also, the engineers are able to design road flows according to realtraffic patterns, this results in safer roads.The sensors are being integrated into vehicles for measuring everything fromspeed, direction, position, and braking to hazards, traffic signals, andpedestrian proximity. Using this information, the vehicle can easily make adecision and give an appropriate response without a human error.ConclusionIf you are connected to the automotive industry then this is the right time togo digital. Integrating these Automotive Technology Trends in 2018 into yourautomotive business will need to have trending and powerful solution.We are one of the best technology contributors have incorporated the latesttechnology trend services like IoT integration, AR-based mobile applicationsfor cars, big data solutions etc. and has gained quite enough experience byproviding these services to various clients and organization. We assure you toprovide a quality and robust solutions for Transforming your automotiveservices into a digital.Meet Paresh Sagar The CEO Of Excellent Webworld, Iot, Web And Mobile AppDevelopment Company That Helps Startups And Enterprises To Opt For AutomotiveApp Development And Mobility Solution. He’s An Avid Blogger And Writes On AllThe Latest Technology Trends.

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