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Top Digital Transformation Trends in the Automotive IndustryThe automotive industry is one of the largest data-driven industries in theworld. With the growing trend of mobile technology and things like artificialintelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things, among others, thisall has put the automotive industry in a state of disruptive transition. Withthis, the automotive manufacturers are facing fast-changing customer needssince they are now demanding a digitally enhanced experience.In the midst of all this, the automotive industry is forced to incorporatetechnological offerings. This has commenced has a new path of automotivefuture trends that will shape the future of the automotive industry. Since weare already in 2020, digital transformation companies are tasked with creatingsomething effective or productive, such as apps for the automotive industry sothat the customers can have seamless connectivity with the service.> Next-generation innovations are all set to make an impact in this digital> economy and maybe beyond the competitive advantage for the industry.With that being said, in this post, we will look into the automotive futuretrends that will drive the industry further for a better tomorrow.Let’s get started.#1 Improved car-buying experienceWe all know how stressful it is to buy a new car. From choosing a car toselecting a budget, finance, and whatnot, it is a heck of a process. Finding asolid loan is itself a daunting task that we don’t consider the most enjoyableway to spend our time. However, with the advent of technology, things arechanging in the automotive industry.For example, Toyota has partnered with some digital transformation companiesto create an augmented reality (AR) system that requires no mobile applicationwhatsoever and enables users to get to know the car models without evenrequiring setting foot in the brand showroom. Not only Toyota, but Audi isalso following the automotive future trends by creating its VR (virtualreality experience) that allows users to configure the car models of thefuture. The concept of virtual showrooms is a reality now and is allowing cardealers to save money by saving costs on the infrastructure.Read Also – How AR Technology will drive Travel App Development in the future?#2 Personalized driving experienceOne of the most happening automotive future trends that will shape theautomotive industry is the personalized driving experience. With the inclusionof artificial intelligence and IoT in the arena of automotive, that day is notfar when the car adjusts the air conditioning, radio, mirror, and seat, amongother settings, each time a new driver enters.According to experts, the industry is working on developing an AI system thatcan read the mood of the driver as well as the passengers. This will workwonders in many ways. Imagine your car alerting you when you get distracted orfall sleepy while driving. This personalized driving experience is somethingthat will make the car ride more comfortable and safe for people and theirfamilies.#3 SecurityWith the increase in demand for rental car services, people won’t think twicebefore syncing their smartphones with the rented car. Do you have any ideawhat happens to your data when your device is connected with the car? Datathreats are happening all the time and in every industry. With the amount ofdata being collected, it is time for users and manufacturers to make datasecurity a major priority. The latest models of the vehicle manufactured boastinnovative technology. That means the key fob, steering, breaks, and even theengine, are hackable.We have all seen this in movies where the cars get hacked and cause severetrouble. If hackers are able to access user data that is linked to the car,they can easily manipulate the vehicle without your consent. The safety ofautomotive connectivity is going to be a great topic of debate by the largerpublic. This is going to push the automotive manufacturers to make datasecurity their top priority.#4 Predictive maintenanceCars and other vehicles are machines, and machines require regular maintenanceand service in order to deliver top-notch performance. While vehicles now cankeep track of time, distance traveled, mileage, and more, it would bewonderful they can store the data and remind the drivers of the potentialthreats and issues looming their vehicle.According to industry experts, one of the automotive future trends will beabout vehicle data being stored on the cloud network that the user can accesswhenever required. This will notify or alert the driver when issues like thetaillight about to burn out, faulty brakes, or some engine trouble mighthappen. Although predictive maintenance is still just a nascent subject thathasn’t been streamlined yet, a study shows that there was a 30% increase inuptime by truck drivers that predicted failures 30 days in advance, with 90%accuracy.Read Also – How is Virtual Reality(VR) going to change the modern world in2020?#5 Remote updatesOne thing that the automotive industry is thoroughly working on is to provideremote updates to the users. Putting it in simple terms, the future car ownerswon’t have to set foot in a mechanic’s shop.With remote access, automotive manufacturers will provide technology updatesrecall information, and safety updates, among others, without you requiringvisiting your local mechanic. All thanks to always-on connectivity, the usersand manufacturers will be always connected.#6 Better customer experienceIt is expected that the automotive future trends will see a drastic change iscustomer experience. Previously, the voice control systems and the navigationin most vehicles were said to be slow or clunky. Well, it took at least fiveminutes for the car’s voice control system to process the information put theuser.Thankfully, with the likes of artificial intelligence and machine learning,manufacturers are improving the customer experience by integrating powerfulsystems that easily synchronizes with your smartphone. This will give users aseamless experience while driving the car with features like real-time voiceactions, up-to-date navigation, and much more.#7 Seamless connectivityLast but not least, the automotive sector is partnering with digitaltransformation companies to develop apps for the automotive industry that willprovide seamless connectivity experience to the customers. That means userscan stay connected to their favorite systems, apps, entertainment, and music.On the other hand, kids can stay connected to their favorite apps and gamesand even get a handle on their homework while getting back home from school.Read Also – Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends in 2020 to keep an eye on!Final WordsThe automotive future trends are all set to take the world by storm. And ifyou are in the industry, it is your time to upgrade and adapt to the latesttechnologies to stay competitive in the ever-changing market.

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