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Global Consumer Trends for Automotive Industry 2020- Divergent InsightsDivergent Insights is quite a recognized name in the Automotive Industry owingto the quality of research insights provided to all our clients across theglobe. Our numerous case studies for global automotive brands are enough toshowcase our expertise. We have already entered 2020 and we are done with ourhomework to unlock various secrets of consumer trends for automotive industry.We are able to forecast the trends owing to our expertise in research, survey,and industry experience.2020 is going to be a big year for the Automotive Industry globally. Ourmarket research and social listening team spent a significant time to studyand extract the exact report on Consumer trends for automotive Industry in2020.We feel that it’s important to ask a few questions before you move ahead,like:##### Is a Consumer really keen to accept disruption in Automotive Industry?Technology is changing rapidly but acceptance from customer is also important.Our experts tried studying the Consumer trends for Automotive Industry togauge the fact whether larger impact of technology will be easily accepted andadapted to by the consumers. There are already a lot of innovations in termsof Electric Vehicles (EV), Connected Vehicles, Pool / Sharing vehicles, etc.Automotive brands globally are investing a lot to bring the much neededdisruption in the industry. The future looks very different for the industry.Let’s have a look:##### How the consumers are reacting on Electric Vehicles (EV)?Growing! Yes the demand is growing for Electric Vehicle (EV) in United Statesof America and India too. People are expecting alternative engines in thevehicles in future and so it is in high demand.Image Courtesy:DeloitteConsumer Preference is changing across the globe towards the Electric vehicles(EV) due to the advantage of lower emissions and reduced operating costs.##### Let us understand Consumer trends for Automotive Industry in the year2020###### QUALITYQuality is the most important aspect for a consumer while buying a vehicle.Quality has different meanings for different people across the globe inautomotive markets. It is further essential for global automotive brands tofurther investigate their target audience and understand other importantaspects like functionality, features, reliability, look and feel, security,etc. Deeper market research and proper online surveys can help to a largeextent. Respondents of a survey from different countries will have differentthought processes to respond to any survey, so you need to carefully choosethe target audience.###### SUSTAINABILITY & RENEWABLESConsumers across the globe have different expectations when it comes todeciding on vehicle sustainability and demand for renewables. “Renewableenergy” was the demand globally when asked about the transformation consumerwished to see in the automotive industry. It is contradiction in itself asmany of us think that sustainability is an important factor while choosing thebrands. This is possibly true due to the fact that benefit and cost analysismay put the consumer to the back foot while deciding the next automotivebrand.###### CUSTOMER SERVICEOutstanding customer service is the key to remain in any industry. Forconsumers in the Automotive Industry, this factor becomes essential whileconsidering the decision of purchasing the next car. While our team performsSocial Listening to understand the reputation of a brand online in terms ofthe most negative factors like unhappiness of the consumer and complaints forpoor service, breakdowns, warranties, dealers, etc. So, obviously theconsumers are expecting better customer services from the automotive brands inthe future.###### DRIVERLESS CARSWhile most of us love to drive cars but that doesn’t stop us from exploringtechnological advancements like driverless car. Why not! It can be anexperience in 2020. You will also be surprised to know that around 10% of theglobal consumers are expecting this transformation in the industry in 2020. Itis also said to be the most highly rated demand by global consumers on Socialmedia. USA ranked on top in demanding while Spain was the least interestedcountry to go for this option of driverless car technology.Top brands in Auto Industry

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