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2020: Consumer Trends for the Auto IndustryThis presents an interesting contradiction – while many think renewable energywill change the world in the next year, few of us are prioritizingsustainability when it comes to choosing auto brands. This could be becausevehicles that don’t harm the environment are very much still in the minority,and could be seen as too expensive or not practically viable for consumers.As climate change protests grow in number and size, it seems like the time isnow for auto brands to move on this point. And, as we’ll see in trend number5, one auto brand with a flair for sustainability is actually doing very wellat generating interest from consumers.## 3. The importance of friendly customer serviceGlobally, friendly customer service was an important attribute, with 10% ofpeople choosing it as the most important attribute for an auto brand.When we looked at social data, negative conversation focussed mainly onpeople’s experiences when cars go wrong – dealerships, warranties, fixingthings and things not working were big topics of discussion.Clearly, when people are shopping for a vehicle, or when things go wrong withthe vehicle they have, there’s an opportunity to garner favor with customerswith warm interactions.

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