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Australia’s prawn industry adopts Source Certain forensic technologyThe Australian prawn industry has adopted an aggressive strategy to verifywhere stock is coming from and if its being produced in an environmentally-friendly way.The Australian Council for Prawn Fisheries has partnered with Source Certainwhere hi-tech forensic technology is being used to scientifically test ifprawns are wild, and to identify the fisheries they’re from.Source Certain chief executive Grant Erskine said there was increasing demandfrom consumers to know exactly what they’re putting into their mouths.“We’re seeing now more than ever that consumers want to know what’s in theproducts they consume, where it comes from and if that product is produced ina sustainable and environmentally-friendly way,” he said.“Our technology can trace these prawns through the supply chain and right backto the very fishery where they were produced.“A lot of companies claim to be sustainable and claim to be sourcing local-only products, but our technology underpins all of those claims.”All 35 Australian wild harvest fisheries have adopted the forensic technology.Source Certain is also undertaking unannounced covert surveillance sampling inretail settings, at the point of sale.“The knowledge that a robust scientific method of verification is in place,rather than just labelling practices and digital tracing of stock, that teststhe physical product itself gives consumers confidence that if they are buyinga prawn that says, ‘Australian wild prawns,’ it has been scientifically provento be Australian wild prawns,” he said.“Through the deployment of forensic technology we drive transparency, trustand integrity into the food chain.”

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