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Industry Analyst & StrategistAll the latest news, links, and insights on Open Source, WordPress,WooCommerce, Software-as-a-Service, and Hosting. With two decades of opensource experience running an agency, executive open source leadership, andstartup experience, Robert brings you a unique perspective to the tools,companies, and people that are the bedrock of the internet. Follow on socialmedia or subscribe to Pot of Coffee to stay informed. * WordPress Announces Openverse Project2 hours agoThis is both a pleasant surprise and awesome show of how a major open sourceproject can extend the benefits of open source in new directions. Let’s go ina bit of chronological order. First we have Matt Mullenweg’s announcement onApril 27, CC Search to join “I am a long-time supporter ofCreative Commons and their influential work on open content licenses, and whenwe heard they were considering shutting down their CC Search engine weimmediately starting exploring ways we could keep it going. I am eager to givea new home to their open search product on […] * WooCommerce Invests in PeachPay1 day agoMore money flowing in the WordPress economy. Today we get the announcement inBusiness Insider (paywalled), PeachPay, a one-click checkout startup createdby recent college grads, is looking to compete with red-hot startups Bolt andFast as e-commerce booms: PeachPay, which launched in January, is one of thenewest entrants offering one-click checkouts for merchants. The startup justinked a partnership with WooCommerce, the e-commerce provider for WordPress-powered sites. Both WooCommerce and WordPress are owned by parent companyAutomattic, which was last valued at $3 billion in 2019. WooCommerce is alsoinvesting in PeachPay, participating in its $1.5 million seed […] * Yats are the New Emoji2 days agoSometimes I go down the rabbit hole on my own journeys for what’s going onacross the internet. Sometimes someone is persistent enough about a newtechnology or application that it bears research, time, and even spending somemoney. Similar to how the PSL story was brought to my attention, kudos go outto Mike Demopoulos for the heads up and his time to discuss Yats. I’ve knownMike from Joomla, WordPress, and a tiki bar or two. Let’s get right to MikeDemo, Lead Handshaker, Web Ventures and Yats. Mike’s not directly involvedwith Yats except that he’s been […] * GravityView Acquires Gravity Forms Entries in Excel4 days agoGravityView announced April 6 on their blog, Gravity Forms Entries in Excel,Brought to You By GravityView!: “We’re excited to announce that GravityView isnow the proud home of the popular GF Entries in Excel plugin! This pluginprovides users with a helpful way to export their Gravity Forms data intoExcel, and we are so proud to be the ones to offer it.” I was able to spendsome time speaking with Zack Katz about the acquisition. I met Zack over atPost Status when he setup a weekly Accountability Call, and was excited tohear about the purchase. Let’s […] * Links of the Week4 days agoDries Buytaert: Section 230: repeal reform or reprioritize? WP Tavern: ThemesSet Up for a Paradigm Shift cloud7: Wix launches mobile app: Spaces by WixOmnisend: How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Impacts Email Marketing * The Domain Privacy Battle4 days agoThis topic is very interesting and yet at the same time – at least to me –difficult to grasp. I’m hoping in my discussing this here, I’ll actuallyunderstand it better. Let’s get to […] * Automattic Brings Woo to WooCommerce5 days agoElliot Silver breaks the news,, Acquired byWooCommerce: “The domain name had been registered at Network Solutions underWhois privacy, and the domain name status changed. is still registeredat Network Solutions, […] * Squarespace Files for IPO5 days agoThe news popped up over last weekend, thank you Jeff Hardy over at Art of theMessage for the tip, reports, Squarespace has filed to gopublic: “Squarespace, Inc. announced that it has publicly filed […] * What the FLoC?7 days agoAnother acronym. Created by Google. Hold onto your hats as a new “privacy”scheme is exposed for what it really is. Let’s start with what FLoC standsfor, “Federated Learning of Cohorts.” That’s super clear […] * Acquires WP RocketApril 20, 2021It’s about one week old as of publishing but this acquisition has made a bitof noise in the WordPress community, with a lot of people comparing thisacquisition to one’s made by GoDaddy. Over […] * Links of the WeekApril 18, 2021Cloud7: Hostinger launches Patchstack WordPress Security Omnisend: The 6 BestList-Building Tools for 2021 WP Tavern: Full Site Editing Is Partly a ‘Go’ forWordPress 5.8 Bottle Rocket Media: 4 Projects Solopreneurs Shouldn’t Have to[…] * HostPapa Acquires Silicon Valley Web HostingApril 16, 2021Just because it’s been a bit quiet for HostPapa in the first quarter, don’tthink the HostPapa Acquisition Spree is ending. Today we have Silicon ValleyWeb Hosting as the target. From the obligatory press […] * CloudFest 2021 Recap MashupApril 15, 2021CloudFest 2021 was held March 23 – 25 online. Was going to do my own postconference review but I just didn’t have as much time to fully appreciate itthat would warrant a recap. […] * Wix vs. WordPress, The Final WordApril 14, 2021If you’re not into watching the WordPress community chatter like a hawk, youmight have missed it, but earlier this month something odd starting happening.Queue the music. Background Wix started sending mysterious packages to […]Previous Posts

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