advertisers target iot possible ad 2019s challenges

techsuch May 9, 2021 0 Comments

What Are 2019’s Challenges and Digital Advertising Trends?In 2010, Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon Communications, predicted that by 2020there would be more than 50 billion Internet-connected devices. Now, it’s 2019and we have 26 billion, which is less than predicted, but the amount is stillhuge.IAB has reported that 65% of people in the US with IoT connected devices arewilling to receive ads. This opens up space for advertisers.First, due to the internet of things, it has become possible to bring adtargeting to a new level. IoT provides access to customers’ data around theclock. This means advertisers will know what you did yesterday on theInternet, what you were searching for, and how much time you spent on aspecific page.This trend makes it possible to build a detailed customer portrait, includingtheir mood, interests, health state, and many other factors. This informationwill allow advertisers to create ads that will resonate with the targetaudience.Innovecs’ engineers develop IoT-based software for reaching target audiencefaster. We can provide various gateway and cloud solutions, and facilitatesystem integrations to achieve better results in your ad campaign.

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